1.    Treks must include a safety briefing before the walk

2.    There will be a max of 6 llamas per walk

3.    Llamas walk in pairs or groups so bookings must include at least two llamas paid for

4.    Maximum of 1 person can accompany the llama trekker

5.    Handwashing facilities available, must always wash hands after the walk

6.    Customers must dress appropriately (suitable footwear- no sandals or open-toe shoes)

7.    Gift vouchers must be claimed and used within 6 months else invalid

8.    Walks may be cancelled and rebooked due to weather conditions

9.    A risk assessment must be done of the trekking route

10.  We try to keep to our own booked times but llamas walk at their own pace so may overrun

11.  Group bookings can be a maximum of 12 (two people per llama)

12.  Under the age of 6 must be with an adult and not in control of a llama

13.  Age 6+ can walk a llama with an 18+ supervision

14.  Picnics can be on the field after walks but arranged with the employees and staff

15.  During the walk photos will be taken and uploaded to social media platforms if you do not want your photo published please notify us beforehand