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Mouse Trap is our oldest Llama, at 19 years old. She is the Mother of Aurora and Jazmin and new baby Mickey, and a leader to the whole family. she is wise and steady going. she loves cuddles and attention at all times. sadly passed away at the start of 2022. we miss you lots!


Chilli is our first baby llama since December 2019. She is so cheeky! she is best friends with our dog Bailey, she is very jumpy and silly. She has so much energy and can run around all day. She is now 8 months old as she was born in June 2020. she is going to be halter trained so she can come on treks with her family.


Jazmine is 4 years old and basically a teenager, she recently lost her teeth so adult teeth could grow through. she is very shy and quiet out of the whole llama family. but she loves kisses and being brushed and can sneak up on you. she is very loving and has only been halter trained from December 2019, everyone is jealous of her eye lashes!

Mickey Mouse

Mickey was born on the 19th of January 2021, he is the second boy of the family. he is so cuddly and bouncy. His mother is Mousetrap and father is Junio. He is a beautiful rich brown colour and super fluffy.


Lillie is our other llama that is a mother, she is mother to chilli, Lillie is very greedy when it comes to carrots! she is very vocal and loves to be the first one to get food. she is also steady going on the treks but does eat a lot. Lilllie is 8 years old.


Rory is 3 years old and is the dwarf of the family, she is very small and very quiet, she loves cuddles and resting her head on your shoulder, when it comes to carrots she is very greedy. she is very independent and a mardy teenager when it comes to Chilli wanting to play.


Junio is the pack leader and he is 8 years old. he is strong-minded and powerful. he can be stubborn but knows whos boss, he is very greedy for carrots but is big softy, he loves cuddles and a chat along the walk.

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