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- one hour walk

- meet and greet

- exclusive walks

- gift voucher

- picnic

- birthday parties


All picnics and eating is fenced off from the llamas as foods could be contaminated.

your safety is our first priority 

one hour trek

This includes a one hour walk, (the walk time may vary as the llamas walk at there own pace). Also includes feeding the llamas bags of carrots before and after the walk. If anyone feels brave enough to brush the llamas, they are most welcome too.

£25 per person

this pricing is calculated off how many people are attending. All attendees must be paid for.

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about exclusive walks

Walks with three people or less will be paired together with another family, this allows us to have more bookings throughout the holidays and weekends. More people are given an opportunity to come to visit. It also means all llamas are walked by guests.


A meet and greet are 45 minutes long, it contains feeding the llamas and grooming. the staff on-site will give you lots of fun facts about llamas and tell you all about the family of llamas and what they mean to us individualy.

£20 per person

this pricing is calculated off how many people are attending. All attendees must be paid for.

Exclusive Walks

Our walks and meet and greets are mixed groups and families to allow our booking to run more smoothly. 

if you would prefer to have your own private walk for just your family or group.

this is the option for you! 

It allows you to spend quality time with the llamas privately without another family/group attending. 

this is a different price from the original one hour walk.

To find out the price for your exclusive booking, please contact us.

Gift voucher

Gift vouchers can be purchased for a trek or the meet and greet. It is the same pricing and if multiple people are attending, multiple vouchers must be bought or paid for at the time of the booking.

Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months but because of lockdown - as long as it has been paid for, you can use the vouchers anytime due to circumstances.

One voucher is for one person. 

The vouchers are printed off on photo paper A5 size. 

They are then mailed to your address.

Postage is £2 for out of Louth.


Picnics are available, this means you can pack your favourite food for the whole family and book a picnic table to eat at with the llamas, you can set up the picnic straight after the walk, you may stay as long as you like unless it's exceeding three hours in total.

There are two picnic tables in total - 

one picnic table is £5

we are hoping to bring out a llama lunch hamper, full of yummy foods for you to purchase.

birthday parties

Birthday parties are a chance to celebrate and have fun! Why not celebrate with 7 llamas? 

We offer music to be played, and party games to take place. 

It costs £100 for up too 6 children

It costs £200 for 6-12 children

It includes:

- all picnic benches,

- Booking time slot of up to 3-4 hours, 

- feeding carrots and grooming

- an hours walk 

In the time you can stay you are most welcome to play party games and your welcome to have snacks and a picnic, and please provide your own food.

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